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          1. Power Bank With E-Cigarette Lighter Your location:HomeProducts Power Bank With E-Cigarette Lighter

            Power Bank With E-Cigarette Lighter

            Power Bank and E-Cigarette lighter combo
            High quality and stylish design with Zinc/Aluminum Alloy and Flame retardant insulation materials
            No open flame cigarette lighter, life >10,000
            2600mAh Capacity 
            High quality Samsung battery cell
            Input: 5V/1A and Output 5V/1A
            Intelligent protection:
            Over-heating/over-charge/over-discharge/ Over-current /short circuit
            Compact size: 89*33.6*23.4mm
            1 to 3 convert adapter to support multiple devices:
            Micro USB, Mini USB and Apple iPhone 30 pin DOC connector

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